Est. 1923

In the heart of the community

Early history: Local Kāi Tahu Māori know the bay as Whaka Oho Rahi (meaning 'a place of plenty' or 'large resource'; the area was a place where food was gathered like kaimoana and tī kōuka/cabbage tree.

With the european settlement Broad Bay became a popular 'holiday resort' and ideal place for boating. The early 20th century saw Broad Bay host the annual New Year's Day Regatta where a variety of craft sailed from Dunedin to the bay. It was very popular with crowds arriving on the ferry Waikana.

History: Broad Bay Boating Club - Est. 1923

Many of the prominent families of Dunedin not only had a keen interest in boating but also chose to have their holiday homes in Broad Bay. Subsequently this group of 'locals' formed the Broad Bay Boating Club in 1923.

The boathouse and clubrooms were initially on what remained of the long jetty. The first single storey clubhouse had to be rebuilt after being blown down during the war years, it was replaced with the one in the photo & watercolour shown below, it included a crows nest with flags for officiating races as well as a trolley ramp for hauling boats out.

The current boathouse, built in the mid 60's, is on the site of the original Speights boat shed.