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Opening Day, Race 1 - Sunday 24 Sept

11am Start (don’t forget Daylight Saving) - All Welcome

HT 11.42am 1.9m RO Ruth

Marty's forecast(21/9 am): 8knots light ESE, Cloudy 8C

Pre-race cancellation via: Website, Facebook, & text

Exciting news, construction of the new wharf is happening!!!

Fulton Hogan will be on site mid October to drive the piles for the new wharf.

This means the slipway will be closed off for the duration.

Care needs to be taken as this area is now a construction site.

Thanks for your support

Race day photos here Race Days

Our club bank account has been updated - for payment of subs
Please note our new bank account:

Fundraising or donations can go directly to our Rebuild Account

Club Notices:

Current Trophy Holders - 2021/22

Certificates of Appreciation
Ann Shacklady-Smith – Thanks to our fantastic funding coordinator

Anette Seifert – Having the vision and determination to setup and launch Sailability in Broad Bay

Brent & Julie Patterson – For steering the ship through oceans of paperwork, technical detail and know how to keep the Rebuild Project on course.